No Time? No Money? NO PROBLEM!

Find Out How Much More a Smart Reface is Worth to Your Family Compared to Selling "As Is"

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Yes, we solve the time and money problem, but...

Why do our typical clients receive $20,000 to $150,000 more than selling than selling "As Is"?

Home buyers want three things more than anything, and if they get ALL three at once, their purchase price will be at the very top end of the market.  The first thing they want is they want the property all renovated before they move in.  Many people have a mistaken notion that buyers want a blank canvass, so they can make their own decision on remodeling.  This is quite false.  Most don't have the time or energy for renovating, and they will pay a substantially higher price to have it .  The second thing buyers want is a home with modern or contemporary finishes.  Yes, all human beings have ego, and they will pay a far higher price to feed that ego.  You can bet they cannot wait to have friends and family over for a 
barbeque days after closing on their new home to show off how well life is going for them.  Never underestimate how much money people will spend to feed their ego.  Lastly, the truth is most people can't really come out of pocket to pay for a remodel, and they would have to borrow the money through a credit card or personal loan..  They don't want to do that at the high interest rates charged for such financing.  They would much rather pay a higher sale price for the home and finance the remodel at a low home mortgage interest rate for 30 years.  When they see how little it affects their monthly payment most are very open to purchasing at a much higher price. 

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